Three of The Most Dangerous States to Drive In for Truck Drivers

Posted by StriveSafe on Sep 9, 2019 9:27:00 AM

Truck drivers have to navigate dangerous roads everyday as part of their job. But where are the most treacherous states to drive through? According to fatality rates and personal accounts, here are three states which made the list.

North Dakota

snowy road_resized

North Dakota has the highest truck driver fatality rate in the country at 8.8%. With small two-lane roads and snow pack in the winter, these roads can be tricky to navigate. Drivers site slippery, icy conditions which could cause a truck to end up in the ditch.



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Coming in second is Wyoming with a 6.7% fatality rate for truck drivers. High winds is listed as one of the main hazards on Wyoming roads, although snow and ice also play a factor during the winter months.


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Icy roads, mountain passes, and high winds cause Colorado road conditions to become hazardous. In some cases, truck drivers just go around the state to avoid the hazards.


Also on the list- Nebraska, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Texas.





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