Quiz - Do Your Drivers Care About Safety?

Posted by StriveSafe on Oct 2, 2019 9:33:00 AM

Take this short quiz to determine if your drivers are engaged and care about driving safety.

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1) Do your drivers perform routine safety inspections on their vehicles? Yes/No?

Vehicle maintenance is an important component of any safety program. Keeping up with a maintenance schedule and performing established safety inspections before every drive can save you on costly repairs down the line and catch safety hazards before placing drivers at risk.

2) Do your drivers adhere to your cell phone use policy? Yes/No?

Cell phone usage while driving is distracted driving and contributes to 9% of all reported motor vehicle crashes. * Remember, hands-free is not distraction free.

3) Have your drivers ever received quantitative driver feedback? Yes/No? Or do you rely on qualitative data such as speeding tickets or personal opinion to assess their risk?

Quantitative driver feedback includes information on their driving habits such as speeding incidents, hard braking, or fast acceleration behavior. This type of driver feedback can help drivers reduce their risk of hazardous driving behavior and make them safer drivers.

4) Has your company experienced a high number of vehicle accidents or "near miss" incidents? Yes/No?

According to The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, motor vehicle crashes cost employers $47.4 Billion in 2015. The costs associated with crashes includes employee loss of life, medical expenses, liability, lost productivity, property damage, and insurance increases.

5) Do your DOT drivers comply with all Hours of Service regulations? Do you have drivers with a high number of driving hours violations? Yes/No?

Hours of Service regulations governed by the FMCSA are in place to enforce when and how long drivers of heavy-duty vehicles are on the road. Their purpose is to keep fatigued drivers off public roadways. Companies may use an electronic logging device & platform to automate these hours, making the rules simple to follow for drivers.


If you answered No to questions 1,2 or 3 or Yes to 4 and 5, you could use some help with engaging your drivers in a positive safety program. Try creating incentive programs for complying with established policies, or reward continued safe behaviors.

Telematics systems such as StriveSafe can help provide your drivers with quantitative feedback on their driving behaviors, and is a critical component to any comprehensive driving safety program. Ask us how we can help!



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