How can telematics help you drive defensively?

Posted by StriveSafe on Jul 17, 2019 2:48:00 PM

Getting behind the wheel is the riskiest thing we all do every day. In some industries, driving is the leading cause of fatalities within the workplace. Understanding how using a telematics GPS system can help you drive more defensively, reduce risk and ultimately become a better driver is the first step towards safer roads.

We have compiled a few ways that telematics systems can help drivers drive more defensively.

Quantitative feedback. Most telematics systems provide some sort of quantitative feedback either directly to drivers or as a minimum to the companies they work for. This feedback is data such as areas of your driving which is displaying risky behavior, such as number of speeding events, or the magnitude of how hard you brake. Most drivers don't know if they are a risky driver without this type of feedback.

GPS devices measure these events and quantify it into driving safety reports or scorecards which are designed to provide this feedback in an easily digestible way. Once you have this information, you will know which areas of your driving needs improving to, ultimately, make you a safer driver.

Knowing where the risk is. One component to driving safety systems, is the ability to view your driving routes and highlight areas which are of the highest risk to you as a driver. You will be able to see where on your commute you receive the most speeding events, or in some systems, even see where the highest number of crashes in the area have occurred. Once you quantify this data, you are able to make changes to your behavior, or even change your route to avoid these areas all together.

Obeying speed limits. Telematics systems force drivers to drive more conservatively. One component of most GPS safety systems is speeding since speeding is the leading indicator of risky driving behavior which results in motor vehicle fatalities.

In order to reduce your number of speeding events and improve your "score," following posted speed limits is the easiest way to improve your safe driving.


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