Distractions Kill

Posted by Kimberly Imbert on Apr 18, 2019 1:17:39 PM

"7% of all drivers at any given time are using their phones while driving. A NHTSA survey finds 660,000 drivers using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving at any given daylight moment." National Safety Council

We are all guilty of using our GPS because we are lost, spilling food on our freshly-pressed suites, or sending a quick text to our boss because we are going to be late. All while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

These are all distractions which could keep our eyes and minds away from the road in front of us for seconds longer than the actual act. We need to stop driving while distracted. 

In honor of National Distracted Driver Awareness Month, StriveSafe and Geoforce took the pledge to drive distraction free this month, and will continue to strive to be the safer drivers every month to come.

DistractedDrivingPledge 2019_SS

Distraction kills and over 40,000 people were killed on US roads in 2018. Do your part to make the roads safer by taking the pledge and telling your friends and family to do the same. 

#justdrive #getsafe #drivesafe

Visit The National Safety Council for more information, to take the pledge, and to obtain safety kits for your employer or business: https://www.nsc.org/road-safety/get-involved/distracted-driving-awareness-month

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